DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 56 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 56 MIN

Ai : An Overview
with Alan Pelz Sharpe of

Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Karn Malhotra
Don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? Start here. In this conversation, Alan talks to you about the broad landscape of Artificial Intelligence. How has it evolved? Why is everyone talking about it today? Will it really replace everyone? How soon?

A published author with his latest book : “Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook”, Alan has seen the changing of guard between multiple technologies over the last 25+ years. So what’s similar or different between technology cycles over time? How do you know if a piece of tech is infact ‘Ai’ enabled? What is ‘explainable Ai’? Why is awareness about ‘bias’ in Ai datasets so important?
About Alan
A tech enthusiast, Alan has 25+ years of consulting experience, with a large part of it to software vendors & enterprises all over the world. A key-note speaker at multiple tech conferences, he has held leadership positions at major analyst firms including Ovum, RSG and 451. He is also a trained Analytical Psychotherapist, a film actor (with over 20 films to his name) and a professional artist.
Show notes
[01:35] – Episode Intro [02:01] – About Alan Pelz Sharpe
[03:17] – How did this ‘Ai’ tech become as big as it is today?
[05:20] – Where does Ai play a role in my everyday life? Why are people sceptical about it?
[07:50] – How far are we from Ai becoming ‘self aware’? How aware are we about its impact?
[10:54] – How is Ai being used in the creative world?
[13:40] – Rembrandt’s art revisited with Ai
[15:20] – Ai as a mimic and Art as original thought and expression
[17:51] – Human in the Loop
[18:54] – So is Ai like a ‘child’?
[19:55] – Impact of Ai in human life
[22:00] – About the book : Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook
[25:26] – Book went to No1. on the Bestsellers list on Amazon US & India sites
[25:45] – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw endorses the book
[26:33] – How do people get comfortable with new tech that they don’t know much about?
[28:14] – Blockchain – “A shared version of the truth”
[30:27] – How does a buyer know if a piece of tech is actually ‘Ai Enabled’ as opposed to itbeing a marketing tactic?
[33:19] – How do I get buy-in for Ai in my company?
[36:24] – What is ‘bias’ in Ai? ‘Explainable Ai’ & ‘Ai Check Tools’
[41:05] – Microsoft Tay – the chatbot that became self-aware and went haywire
[43:29] – Human in the loop and ‘Explainable Ai’ is important
[46:48] – Amin Toufani & Exonomics
[47:00] – Shorter technology cycles and reskilling / upskilling
[49:10] – What advice would you give someone who wants to start this Ai journey? Especially
artists, musicians – people in the ‘creative’ sphere
[54:06] – Contact Alan
[55:34] – Episode Outro