April 21, 2021 / 46 Min
April 21, 2021 / 46 Min

Ai, Fashion & Sustainability
with Chu Wong & Charles Allard Jr.

Chu Wong & Charles Allard Jr.   
Karn Malhotra
Can Ai drive highly efficient fashion supply chains towards even greater efficiencies? Do brands want to do this? How does this impact small businesses? What is the impact of this push towards sustainability on low-income families and their jobs?

Tune into a really engaging conversation with Chu Wong, country co-ordinator for in Singapore and Charles Allard Jr., founder of the deep-tech startup and get to know about what really is happening with tech and sustainability in Fashion.
About Chu
She is the Country Co-ordinator for ‘Fashion Revolution’ in Singapore – it is a global movement that campaigns for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. Their trend reports are worth checking out. Chu was also the founder of Shop Bettr – a fashion tech startup to help consumers find sustainable alternatives. She is a ‘Climate Reality Leader’ trained by Al Gore – and a German Translator acknowledged by the German Embassy in Singapore.

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About Charles
He is the founder of – a platform using deep learning to deliver actionable insights for ecommerce, logistics & manufacturing. He is also presently a partner at BOSS Capital; an early stage investment and advisory firm, based in Hong Kong – but beyond this, he has been involved in the investment banking, management and technology space for over 30 years now across Tokyo, New York, London and Hong Kong. He also has a love for and supports preservation of “Kyo Machiya” – a traditional wooden building style seen in Kyoto, Japan.

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Show notes
[1.42] - Chu Introduction
[2.30] - Charles Introduction
[3.23] - What to you is sustainability?
[5.06] - Where does technology play a role? Tell us about
[9.29] - Manufacturing efficiencies in Fashion through data; Jim Heppleman & Myuki Kakuma
[10.55] - 3D CAD in Fashion
[12.05] - About
[14.15] - Small business access to data tech
[15.24] - SA 8000, BSCI, UNSDG's - what does a business choose?
[17.16] - Set internal goals first or agree to a universal standard?
[18.47] - Transparency in fashion
[20.54] - Impact of customisation
[21.47] - Fast Fashion stats; Is sustainability scalable when people have to lose jobs?
[26.15] - Is technology doing enough to incentivise change amidst predictable cycles of profit?
[31.10] - Consumer pressure, policy & German Due Diligence Law
[32.28] - Corporate investment in re-skilling across the supply chain
[33.45] - Govts. role in funding & down-stream impact
[36.14] - Virtual avatars & virtual clothing
[37.50] - Can digital clothing help Gen Z'ers move towards those longterm sustainability goals?
[39.15] - Digital supermodels, Christian Louboutin's virtual show - are investments growing here?
[42.27] - Advice to a student, pattern maker, manager to navigate this change
[44.24] - Book Recommendation : 'To Die For - Is Fashion wearing out the World? by Lucy Siegle', 'Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach by Peter Norvig & Stuart Russell' , 'The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter'
[45:42] - Personal insprations : Yuan Longping, Lex Fridman's podcast, Book : The Naysayers Bookclub : 26 Singaporeans you need to know by Simon Vincent
[46:46] - One thing that keeps you grounded
[47:11] - Looking ahead, what are you hopeful for?
[47.52] - Contacting Chu & Charles
[48.39] - The history of fast fashion; Book : The Fabric of Civilization by Virginia Postrel
[53.08] - H&M's push towards sustainability
[54.07] - Govt. incentives towards sustainability in labor & the aftermath of the Rana Plaza collapse