DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 56 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 56 MIN

Ai & Art
with Harshit Agrawal & Sahej Rahal

Harshit Agrawal & Sahej Rahal
Karn Malhotra
Two of the most exciting young artists exploring the marry of Ai & Tech + Art on the Indian Art landscape, both Harshit & Sahej have had a unique journey thus far. Having said that – the clichés of being an artist are still universal – the question of ‘making money through art’ being an ongoing one.

A free flowing conversation about everything from ‘who is the author when there’s a tech component playing a key role in the art creation process?’ – to exploring the seeming discomfort traditional artists have with Ai/Tech derived art to just exploring the medium for the love of expression while quoting a series of other artists in the space. Find a warm cuppa and tune in.
About Harshit and Sahej
An IIT and MIT Media Lab alum, Harshit has carried out residencies in Brazil, Korea and Japan and exhibited at Ars Electronica and the Tate Modern. Sahej has exhibited at the Vancouver Biennale, Centre for Contemporary Arts : Glasgow and the Setouchi Triennial besides winning the Forbes Award for Debut Solo and being featured by Vogue as amongst the ’40 under 40’ to watch.
Show notes
[01:37] – Episode Intro
[02:19] – About Harshit Agrawal
[02:59] – About Sahej Rahal
[04:04] – How would you explain Ai art to a lay person vs. traditional art?
[09:17] – ‘Juggernaut’ by Sahej
[15:30] – ‘Authorrise’ by Harshit
[20:57] – With Ai - who is the ‘author’? When there’s you, the machine and the audience?
[22:35] - Roland Barthes – ‘Death of the Author’
[24:14] – Is this unanswered because there isn’t a large enough body of Ai Art today?
[26:05] – Google’s ‘Transformer’ as a collaborator
[26:35] – Dan Dennett on ‘The Illusion of Consciousness’
[28:15] – What about people who have discomfort with this kind of Ai Art exploration?
[33:42] - Systems of ‘Art’ and ‘Ai’
[34:32] – Marcel Duchamps : ‘Fountain’ (Urinal)
[39:05] – Other Ai Artists you find interesting
[39:41] – The artists that were part of the first Indian Ai Art show
[40:35] – Sougwen Chung
[42:22] – Pierre Huyghe at Skulptur Projekte
[44:26] – Courses, videos etc. for young or experienced artists to check out
[47:14] – Gene Kogan Tutorials
[48:31] – Ai : An Introduction – Episode 2 of The CreativeAi Podcast
[48:56] – ‘Masked Reality’ by Harshit
[49:44] – ‘Antraal’ by Sahej
[51:21] – Technology driven art in social frameworks – ‘Act4Amazon’ Instagram Filter
[54:12] - Contact Harshit & Sahej
[55:03] – Episode Outro