DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 45 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 45 MIN

Ai & Conversation
with Justin Wells of

Justin Wells
Karn Malhotra
The chat window that pops up when you’re on a website – how sure are you that you’re chatting with a human or an Ai Bot? If you knew incorporating an Ai chatbot will increase sales by 30% - would you replace part of your customer support team? What then will you train this team to do?

How does a chatbot mimic human empathy? Is Conversational Ai relevant for some industries more than others?
About Justin
A former ‘Helicopter Crew Chief’ in the U.S.Marine Corps – a lot of people wouldn’t have pegged Justin down for corporate life! Also a math geek, Justin finished a Masters Degree in Math & Science once he left the Marine Corps and subsequently worked as a Marketer in the Oil&Gas industry and finally started his own digital marketing agency before joining Quite a ride!
Show notes
[01:35] – Episode Intro
[02:00] – About Justin Wells
[06:20] – About Conversational Ai
[09:15] – About
[12:52] – What does Conversational Ai mean for human customer support roles?
[15:34] – Ai Chatbots
[16:14] – Are companies (using Ai Chatbots) changing their HR training modules for reps impacted by this change?
[18:44] – How Is designing for websites with ‘chat first’ interfaces different?
[20:50] – How does a chatbot mimic human empathy? What about ‘bias’?
[26:10] – Augmented Intelligence Vs. Artificial Intelligence & Skynet
[29:30] – Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) and their impact on jobs
[31:09] – Dealing with technology cycles getting shorter & rewiring your brain
[34:54] – Is Conversational Ai more relevant for some industries more than others?
[38:00] – A chatbot as an extension of your Sales & Marketing team
[40:33] – Advice to a student hearing about this new technology
[43:30] – Contact Justin
[44:22] – Episode Outro