DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 50 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 50 MIN

Ai & Design
with Jenna Niven of

Jenna Niven
Karn Malhotra
In a world where ‘data’ is akin to ‘gold’ today, will not knowing how to code be the designers’ kryptonite? Or is the knowledge designers have in their experience in itself the superpower that they just need to leverage differently in this ‘data age’? Jenna talks you through her journey from being a developer to then going into design to her work with Ai + design. How different is a Ai + Design project from a regular design project? Her ‘Ai Creativity Model’ gives you a clear framework to adapt to your design business while her optimism about tech cycles and the net zero of job loss vs. job gain because of Ai gives you enough ammunition to be charged going into the year ahead!
About Jenna
Having started out as a developer and switching to design mid-way, Jenna is today the Group Creative Director of RGA – a 40 year old global company specializing in technology, design & marketing – part of the IPG network. Her work in Ai also sees her as the CEO of MirRx (An Ai Smart mirror startup in NY). Between developing innovative Ai Design solutions for Fortune 500 companies to delivering keynotes at SXSW - over the past 14 years she has worked to bridge the gap between data science, engineering and creatives.
Show notes
[01:40] – Episode Intro
[01:54] – About Jenna Niven & RGA
[02:56] – Going from being a developer to practicing design to now Ai + Design
[06:54] – ‘The Ai Creativity Model’
[11:34] – How far are we from seeing Ai Robot Designers at the workplace?
[16:56] – Brain Simulation
[19:32] – Think of Ai as similar to the brain of a child
[21:47] – What’s your opinion on how Ai & Automation is portrayed in the news?
[26:43] – Regular design process Vs. a design process incorporating Ai
[32:52] – Do designers need to know coding to get started with Ai?
[37:58] – JWT & Microsoft recreate a modern Rembrandt
[41:40] – ver.2 of Forgery?
[43:20] – Tech cycles getting shorter & upskilling / reskilling / new jobs
[47:07] – Job losses will be equal to Job gain even with Ai
[48:01] – Contact Jenna
[48:21] - Episode Outro