April 21, 2021 / 46 Min
April 21, 2021 / 46 Min

Ai & EQ Content
with Sharmin Ali of

Sharmin Ali
Karn Malhotra
In the last year, 'Emotion Driven Content' has been at the top of every content marketers mind. Can an Ai engine help lighten this load? with it's solid team, $2 Million+ of funding and clients like Kimberly Clarke, TVS Motors & Home Capital seem to think so.

In this chat, Sharmin Ali, the CEO & Founder of and i talk about the 5 stages of content marketing, what is the role of agencies now and going forward?, Metrics that make a difference and Instoried's foray into vernacular and video.
About Sharmin
She is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She has authored two books, the first one 'Y.O.U' (You Own Yourself) being a best-seller by the New Indian Express & the Oxford bookstores. She is also the founder of the Art-Right-Is theatre troupe , formerly into enterprise B2B sales at Mu Sigma and today the CEO of one of the fastest growing Ai based content startups globally.

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Show notes
[0.51] - Instoried Introduction
[1.10] - Sharmin Introduction
[1.45] - Instoried Past & Present
[2.30] - The 5 stages of Content Marketing
[3.15] - Measuring engagement of content
[4.25] - The opportunity Instoried identified
[6.07] - Where do agencies stand in all this?
[7.56] - The research behind Instoried
[8.48] - Learnings from the research
[10.41] - Tech augmenting human productivity
[12.28] - The 'emotion' framework behind the tech
[14.42] - Are brands more conscious of 'emotion' in this Covid world?
[17.30] - Metrics to measure ROI
[19.11] - How does a marketer evaluate an 'Ai' product?
[23.05] - Foraying into vernacular, Hindi & Spanish
[29.08] - Will the Ai engine create content from scratch?
[30.14] - Ai Bot writes Game of Thrones Script
[32.01] - Instoried for Video content
[36.15] - Could market researchers use Instoried?
[38.05] - Instoried's Chrome extension
[39.05] - Book recommendation : Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark
[40.52] - Personal Inspiration : Steve Jobs
[42.49] - What keeps you grounded?
[44.26] - What are you hopeful for?
[45.32] - Contact Sharmin