DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 49 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 49 MIN

Ai & Music
with Olivier Vincent of

Olivier Vincent
Karn Malhotra
Music creation, especially classical music, requires a serious amount of passion and technical know-how. Till now the domain of someone pursuing a PHD in Music (two of the Spliqs founding team fit this bill) – is democratizing music creation really possible? And what impact does this have on musicians; both professional and novice?

How do you transfer the experience of creating music on an instrument to doing the same on your phone? All this was made possible through Ai. What about other aspects of Ai like ‘Bias’? Or it’s political implications? Or Ai & Tik Tok?
About Olivier
With a career spanning nearly 3 decades and having worked in Telecom, Advertising Tech, HR Tech and even a Weather platform – Olivier has always been curious about technology and it’s intersection with society & culture. He believes in ‘giving back’ and over time has been a Mentor / Advisor for 6 different initiatives – ‘Art for Humans’ being the most recent. A trained classical pianist - in Spliqs, Olivier has managed to ‘marry’ his two loves; music & Ai.
Show notes
[01:37] – Episode Intro
[01:56] – About Olivier Vincent
[03:29] – Working with different technologies and disruption over time
[07:02] – Ai’s role at Weatherbug
[08:24] – What constraints should think about with new tech?
[10:42] – Book: Steven Pinker - The Better Angels of Our Nature
[13:18] – Music & Ai + What is Spliqs?
[16:29] – What was the original problem the Spliqs team was trying to solve?
[17:55] – The UX and tech behind Spliqs
[21:47] – The opportunities of democratizing music
[24:36] – Tik Tok and original music creation
[25:26] – The meditative power of music creation
[26:50] – Reducing the barriers of entry
[30:55] – Technology cycles getting shorter & upskilling/reskilling
[36:43] – What resources would you recommend to a young person today?
[41:31] – The political dimension of Ai & having PM Justin Trudeau’s ear
[43:57] – OpenAi & Ai Collaboration
[45:28] – ‘Bias’ in Ai
[48:07] – Contact Oliver
[48:30] – Episode Outro