DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 31 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 31 MIN

Ai & Presentations
with Jill Callan of

Jill Callan
Karn Malhotra
You’re on the 18 th slide of the presentation. Almost done. And then you realize you’ve missed a category – which means you have to redesign 70% of what you’ve already finished. We’ve all been there. Fortunately – leveraging automation & Ai,’s presentation engine solves this exact problem. Engineers simplify creativity.

And what’s next beyond this? Will engineers start learning more design, and vice- versa? What about staffing at agencies, how will that change in the age of Ai? What does more time on content and context allow designers to do?
About Jill
Having started her career at almost 20 years ago at GM Hill Holiday Advertising and then subsequently working at Verizon Telecom, SXM Radio, Shutterfly & Creative Live; Jill has been part of some major shifts in the advertising and design worlds. Just as driven today as when she first started out, her succinctness and energy can’t be missed!
Show notes
[01:35] – Episode Intro
[02:15] – About Jill Callan
[03:01] – About
[03:40] – Why did you join What problem does it solve for people?
[06:30] – What motivates the team at, given people use Powerpoint & KeyNote?
[09:15] – The Ai & Automation component in
[11:50] – Spending more time on the content & context
[12:20] – Kenny Nguyen – Author of ‘The Big Fish Experience : Create memorable presentations that reel in your audience’
[12:45] – Designers as part of the ecosystem
[13:58] – What is the role of technology in the democratization of design?
[15:20] – Clearscope: Automating Content Creation for SEO
[16:36] – Tesla, IBM, Salesforce using
[18:20] – The general state of the advertising & branding industries today
[19:48] – Shifts in talent within agencies over time
[20:35] – Clearbit : data products & API’s
[21:14] – Will we see more engineers in agencies? Will design schools have more technical instruction?
[23:38] – Upskilling / Reskilling advice
[26:47] – Recommendations on Courses / Videos etc. to start with
[28:05] – The good & bad of Ai + automation of jobs
[29:19] – Contact Jill
[29:56] – Episode Outro