DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 41 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 41 MIN

Ai & Video
with Satej Sirur of

Satej Sirur
Karn Malhotra
There is a lot of talk about Ai with everything – but maybe there’s just as much that can be achieved purely through simple automation? But does automating a creative task devalue it?

How do you create hundreds of thousands of customized videos and images in an hour? What does this mean for film makers, video editors and content creators? Hear Satej talk you through his entrepreneurial journey and what he sees as opportunities and the future of Ai & Automation in this video and image space, including deep fakes and developing a ‘growth mindset’.
About Satej
A Cornell and ISB alum, Satej was part of the AWS team at Amazon and Head of Product for TaxiForSure before starting his Founder journey at Rocketium. Despite growing Rocketium to now servicing over 120,000 users from all across the globe – Satej is approachable as ever and always ready to chat about product management, marketing, ‘the startup hustle’ – as long as it’s over some pizza!
Show notes
[01:35] – Episode Intro
[02:11] – About Rocketium
[02:24] – About Satej Sirur
[02:53] – Rocketium’s focus past, present, future
[03:57] – How has the focus changed over time?
[05:04] – Focus on large scale content creation
[06:50] – Your opinion on ‘automating creativity’ and where is the automation in Rocketium?
[10:04] – What is the difference between ‘automating’ a task Vs. using ‘Ai’ on the task?
[13:32] – Does automation devalue the ‘creativity’ needed on a task?
[15:50] – What impact does this automation have on film makers & video editors?
[20:00] – Are there some tenets to keep in mind while design for products built for a large number of users?
[22:01] – Designing software for hyper personalization
[23:47] – 80% of the internet consumption is video
[25:48] – The shift in video consumption
[27:32] – What about Ai & Deep Fakes?
[30:47] – What’s it like being an entrepreneur?
[33:58] – Reskilling / Upskilling & the ‘growth mindset’
[37:38] – Learning more about automation & Ai
[39:41] – Contact Satej
[40:24] – Episode Outro