DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 43 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 43 MIN

Ai & Voice
with Anup Gosavi of

Anup Gosavi
Karn Malhotra
What is happening in the ‘voice tech’ space? What has lead to Siri, Cortana, Google Home, Alexa becoming so integral to peoples’ lives today? The team at Spext actually came up with the idea of the product almost 3 years before pushing the product out – simply because ‘voice data sets’ didn’t exist at the scale needed to create the Ai tech.

Now, with the all pervasiveness of Alexa and GoogleHome, ‘voice’ products are hot property. But with a product like Spext democratizing voice content editing and publishing – what does this mean for sound engineers and editors? What are the ‘How To’s’ of podcasting? What are the upcoming trends in the ‘voice ai’ space?
About Anup
Driven to solve ‘big’ problems, Anup is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Spext, a Media AI company based out of San Francisco and Bangalore. After doing his MBA from Babson College in Boston and a few stints in other startups, where he shipped two products from concept to MVP to hundreds of millions of users, Anup co-founded Spext with the intent of addressing the challenges in voice content creation.
Show notes
[01:37] – Episode Intro
[02:00] – About Anup Gosavi
[02:25] – About Spext
[03:26] – The genesis of Spext
[08:47] – Differences between designing for audio as a medium vs. text / image / video
[12:14] – The role of Ai in Spext
[16:28] – Can I record ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in my voice with just a small voice sample?
[18:26] – Optimizing for ‘Range’ Vs. Optimizing for ‘Fidelity’
[20:33] – What opportunity does Ai create for sound engineers and editors?
[22:48] – Democratizing ‘storytelling’
[23:54] – Designing for voice systems like Alexa & Google
[28:31] – 8 part series on ‘How To’s’ of Podcasting
[30:36] – Vernacular focus
[31:57] – What are the challenges of being an entrepreneur?
[33:56] – Technology, User Experience & Human Behaviour Shifts
[37:35] – Upcoming trends in the Voice Ai space & with Spext
[40:40] – Specific courses or references to start with
[41:11] – Contact Anup
[42:06] - Episode Outro