DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 35 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 35 MIN

Marketing & Ai
with Raghav Kumar of

Raghav Kumar
Karn Malhotra
You visit a typical e-commerce or travel site and choose not to finish a transaction. Soon you start seeing banners of that flight, product, destination on other sites; the accuracy of which seems surprising at times. How does this happen?

We know that our ‘social logins’ opt us in to being followed around online. Where and what kind of a role does Ai & Automation play here? How do companies ‘brand for trust’ in this ‘data economy’ of today? What is ‘designing for diversity’ when a product deals with vast amounts of data?
About Raghav
Head of Customer Marketing at CleverTap, Raghav has been involved with Ai + Marketing in his two previous roles as well at & A coffee aficionado and pet lover, Raghav is passionate about exploring new realms of marketing, cultures and coffees.
Show notes
[01:35] – Episode Intro
[02:05] – About Raghav Kumar
[02:30] – About
[03:48] – Automation & Ai in CleverTap
[09:10] – Things marketers can do better with Ai/ML
[11.26] – B2B SaaS
[12:40] – Customer Data Platform Vs. Customer Relationship Management Platform
[14:18] – Where does design play a role? Data influencing design decisions
[16:34] – Design for diversity – making design more inclusive when dealing with data
[19:30] – Is there a CleverTap approach to designing for data?
[21:34] – Ai’s impact on designers and artists as a whole
[24:22] – How do you brand yourself for ‘trust’ while dealing with large amounts of data?
[28:40] – How should people approach upskilling & relearning in the machine age?
[30:39] – Drift : Companies doing interesting things in the marketing + automation space
[32:00] – Skepticism & Optimism about Ai & ML
[33:48] – Contact Raghav
[34:39] – Episode Outro