DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 3 MIN
DECEMBER 25, 2019 / 3 MIN

The Why of The CreativeAi Podcast
with Karn Malhotra of

Karn Malhotra
A short ‘context creator’ for the series. Karn’s awareness about Ai’s impact on the creative industries has come through wanting to answer this question : “How can we automate design? In a way where there is no dependency on complex design tools and you go to the designer only for a high value task.” And if other people have asked similar questions in other ‘human creator first’ fields – why not chat with them and share these conversations?
About Karn
Being a brand strategist & designer for 16+ years with Exit Design, Karn got curious about the idea of automating design in the last few years and so founded He is also passionate about making design accessible to all, and drives – an initiative for NGO’s to get high quality design work, next to free. A foodie, craft beer lover and martial artist when he isn’t binging on the latest Ai or self-improvement podcast!
Show notes
[00:27] –
[01:24] – Gary Kasparov : Augmented Intelligence and not Artificial Intelligence
[02:16] – Resonance Studios
[02:28] – Contact Karn