JANUARY 7, 2019 / 5 MIN

2019 : Top Ai & ML Creative Automation Tools

Karn Malhotra

Last January i wrote a post on the ‘‘Top Creative Automation Tools : 2018’’ — with 2x the number of reads and 3x the number of fans compared to other posts — logically, we have this years edition :)

Why the ‘Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning’ focus? Mainly because we’ve now moved into that space with Outlined. This year i’m going to write more actively about this; suggestions/questions are most welcome.

To maintain consistency, i’ve stuck to similar headers as last years post. Enjoy!

Trending AI Articles:
   1. From Perceptron to Deep Neural Nets
   2. Keras Cheat Sheet: Neural Networks in Python
   3. Neural networks for solving differential equations
   4. Turn your Raspberry Pi into homemade Google Home


EveryPixel — Neural Networks give you feedback on your photos

Fontmap by IDEO — Discover similar fonts across a giant map


Colormind- Upload an image — get the color palette

Khroma- Train a neural network on your fav colors; generate combinations for image, text, gradients etc.


WatsonFinds — Sentiment analysis from within your wordpress CMS
GradeProof — Ai Proofreading


Spext- Great for podcasts; auto-transcribe, edit text to edit voice
Natural Reader — Convert your word / pdf docs, website text into natural sounding voice — great for youtube video narrations


RealEyes — Gauge realtime attention and reactions to your videos / ads using the users webcam
Promote- A simple way to create some video+text graphics

Virtual Designers

B12- Your website in 60 seconds. (There go Eleanor and the designer)
BrandMark- Design your logo, then see how it ranks on various parameters
Beautiful- A self adjusting presentation designer


SmartModeration-Auto-Comment moderation across multiple platforms
Leadza- Create, Measure, optimize, deploy, repeat. Ai for Facebook Ads
SourGrapes — Autohide any negativity on Facebook Ads & Posts
CaptainGrowth- Growth-hacking for FacebookAds & GoogleAds

Web / App / Code
Sofy- Do deep testing for you App / Website in minutes
Unbounce- Analyze your landing page in seconds

Tisane- API’s to Analyse text in multiple languages
Coralogix- ML powered log analytics


Timely — Auto learning time tracking

Sales / Marketing
Drift — A virtual assistant to take care of email replies and meeting prep

GrowBots- Find the best time to send your email to your prospect
Infinigrow- Ai Marketing Planning + Analytics
Howler- Ai powered PR Campaigns
Siftery Recommendations- Tell the system what you’re using, find out what your competitors use
Tagove- Live video chat support system + Ai Bots
Acobot — Ai chatbot that ‘self learns’ from your website content
DeepDiveDuck- Track competitor website changes


Algorithmic Design- An exhaustive look at what the worlds biggest brands are doing with Ai & Design
Google Ai- Their machine learning experiments across text, image, speech

Beyond Design
Harshit Agrawal — India’s first Ai Artist

Iris — An Ai Research Assistant
JukeDeck — Royalty free Ai Music Creator
Amper — Custom Music in Seconds for a video or podcast

(Not Ai/ML — but some fun/useful ones here)

Visual Inspector — An easy way to share feedback on websites/apps
MultiCopy — Right click and ‘Add to Copy’ across multiple sections/tabs
Video2Gif — Self explanatory
Airbnb Calculator — Enter address-learn how much you can earn
2019 Design Conferences
Zamsar — Convert across file formats for text, image, audio, video
Zeno- If you haven’t yet — ‘Review 2018’ and ‘Plan 2019’
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If there’s a tool you feel should be added to this list — please email me at